Urs Fischer: Paintings 1998 - 2017

Urs Fischer, New York based artist, announces the first retrospective publication dedicated solely to his paintings - Urs Fischer Paintings 1998 - 2017. The book comes as a set of three volumes neatly housed in a box sleeve and offers the viewer an intimate look at every painting produced from his beginnings until 2017. Fischer's two-dimensional works elegantly encapsulate some of his biggest strengths: color, precision, and juxtaposition. His inventive approach capitalizes on the relationship between photography and painting in many works, exploring two-dimensional texture. In the book, images are printed to scale relative to one another. Selected works are also printed 1:1, providing the reader a detail view not available in any other context. This retrospective includes fresh documentation of early collage works, many of which have not been exhibited for years.

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