Darren Bader: Life as a Readymade

'Art' is a word fraught with misconceptions, love, distrust, codifications, speciousness, allegiance, suppleness, precariousness, etc. It's a word impossible to define with any degree of precision, but the (self-)elected brokers of the word do their best to censor that manifest fact. The art world continues to abide by 19th-century models of what art can be for little reason other than fear and greed.

Being a (self-)elected broker, I hate my own hypocrisy and the ridiculous routine of hating the hypocrisy of others. But without hatred of hypocrisy, hypocrisy reigns. So, in hopes that the word 'art' can indeed outwit its contemporary usages, I wrote a tract that addresses inanities, profanities, and vanities in the contemporary world of art.
-- Darren Bader

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